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Your Company's Retirement Plan Should Be More Than Just Another Benefit.

Developing a Team Approach

Partnering With Us Offers You The Opportunity
To Earn New Revenue And Extend Your Services

As an extension of your services, HA&W Benefit Advisors can help you to enhance your product portfolio to include retirement benefits. Many financial advisors and retirement plan brokers already know and trust us with their clients. Because we have a strong rapport with the financial services industry, we are a name you and your clients can rely on.

We offer three service options:

  • Balance Forward
  • Open Architecture Daily Valuation - MyTegraPlan.com
  • Integrated Daily Valuation – (ex. John Hancock, Nationwide, First Mercantile, Transamerica, etc.)

Our knowledgeable team of retirement consultants, actuarial staff and administrators can equip you to provide additional revenue opportunities by using our team of professionals as an extension of your own office. Adding HA&W Benefit Advisors as a strategic partner enables you to offer the investment services you want while granting your clients access to retirement experts. Let our experts’ help you determine what product works best.

Plan Design & Setup      
Plan Design Consulting
Plan Document Preparation
Plan Sponsor Guide
Plan Sponsor Education
Administrative Services      
Personal Consultant
Eligibility Verification
Track Payroll Contributions Annually
Process Payroll Contributions
Distribution Preparation/Review
Loan Preparation/Review
Process Loan & Distribution Requests
Annual Contribution Calculation
Annual Plan Audit Package
Maintain Participant Accounts by Source/Investment
Prepare Participant Statements
Prepare Annual Valuation Report
Testing and Compliance      
ADP/ACP Testing
Top Heavy Testing
401(a) Average Benefits Testing
410(b) Coverage Testing
Governmental Assistance Services      
Form 5500 and Related Schedules Preparation
Form 1099R/1096/945 Preparation
IRS/DOL Audit Assistance
Administrative Tools      
Online Plan Sponsor Access
Online Participant Access
Online Advisor Access
Toll-free Participant Call Center
Process On-Line Participant Transaction Requests
Online Enrollment & Deferral Changes
Electronic Participant Statements
Plan Sponsor Administrative Alerts
Paperless Loans
Online Investment Guidance and Education
Participant Education      
Registered Investment Advisory Services
Participant Education Materials
Assist with Participant Education Meetings

* Offered through daily, strategic partner resources (John Hancock, Nationwide, First Mercantile, Transamerica, etc.)
To learn more about how your company's retirement plan can be more than just another benefit, contact us at 770.353.5347.
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